Modern manufacturing is remarkably different than traditional industrial activities. There is more use of machinery now than ever before because machines are incredibly precise and efficient. Without them it would not be possible to create many of the products we encounter on a daily basis.

There are some downsides to the use of machinery though. The one we are most commonly concerned with at TFM Removals is the fact that the devices themselves can get very heavy and difficult to relocate. Our skills are put to the test when we are called on to organise such a move.

We are proud to take on all kinds of machinery removals, ensuring we provide the very best level of service to clients across Essex. Safety and efficiency are important to us on every job, whether the plan is to reposition a machine or relocate it to a completely new site. We always conduct a full risk assessment before the move to help us plan the best route and the safest way to move the item in question.

One thing we always advise our clients is not to underestimate how difficult it is to move a piece of machinery, especially if at first glance it seems like a simple case of repositioning. The potential for injury is high and then there is the serious risk of damaging the machine and encountering high repair or replacement costs. It is always best to consult an experienced removal provider like us.

Clients get several assurances from working with us. We always conduct a full risk assessment and site visit prior to the move to maximise safety. On top of this we will ensure that the right equipment is used to move the machinery. All of the equipment we use is properly cared for to ensure it is fit for purpose; this includes the lifts, hoists, and everything in between.

The best assurance you get though is we will provide insurance on all jobs. This means that coverage is in place to protect against damage to the machinery. This is crucial, particularly when you look at the value of the items.

If you are planning to reposition or move a machine, please contact us. The above is just an indication of why we are the number one for machinery removals Essex based clients can call on. In addition we have a fantastic track record of accomplishing moves that other companies don’t think are possible.