Addressing hazards with machinery removals

Naturally the size and weight will be the first thing you think about when it comes to relocating a piece of machinery. Both will cause problems but they are not the only factors that will. In addition, you need to account for moving parts, sharp edges, delicate parts, and even faults. Any of them could cause difficulties and hazards.

At TFM we have a lot of experience and are widely considered to be the best provider of machinery removals in Essex. We achieved this reputation by delivering the best services we can, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and challenges in the process. We are the company that clients call on with a seemingly impossible project in mind because they know that we will find a way.

Machinery can be moved in a number of ways, generally involving a combination of lifting equipment and physical exertion. To maximise safety, it is important to have as much information as possible about the item being moved. That way it can be made as safe as possible, including securing moving parts and protecting sharp edges.

Our approach to machinery removals is to plan with care, ensuring we give enough time to conduct surveys, risk assessments, and make items ready to move. All three of these are crucial to a safe, reliable removal that protects the item itself and everybody who comes into contact with it.

Clients across Essex can call on us for help moving machinery of various size and scale. Whether it is travelling a short or long distance we can take on the project and see it through to a successful conclusion. Concerns with accessibility can be tackled by our team and the high-quality lifting equipment we can call on.

Your machinery is in safe hands with us and we will put the same care into maintaining the condition that we do when we handle household or office items. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your plans or have encountered difficulties and need urgent help. We are confident we can find a solution for you!