At TFM Removals we have worked very hard to ensure we are in the best position to offer premium storage services for clients all across Chelmsford. To achieve this we have invested in the highest quality containers and determined what people want when it comes to storing possessions and other goods. This work has paid off, helping us to achieve the reputation we have today as a leading provider in Chelmsford.

One concern we have to address quite regularly for clients is fire safety. We account for this by ensuring that each container is clean and free of items that could cause fire. On top of this we offer advice about storing items safely and will provide a packing solution to get everything ready for storage. Throughout we work hard to keep the risk of fire as close to zero as possible

We have been providing our premium storage service in Chelmsford for over two decades, addressing the varied needs of clients all across the area. As a result we have a huge amount of knowledge in terms of what items should and shouldn’t be put into storage. We can also offer solutions to keep them safe and protected. We provide an array of packing materials to achieve this including cartons, wrapping, void filler, blankets and bags too.

For additional protection for items, both against the risk of fire and damage, we ensure they are not disturbed once they are put into storage. As part of the premium service we bring the container to you so it can be filled and sealed. The seal remains in place from the time it is attached right until the items are delivered. This includes the whole period when the container is stored at our facility.

If you are moving to a new home, need to free up space in a property, or want to store stock and machinery from a business endeavour we can offer the storage service for you. With us you don’t need to worry about moving the items yourself or packing them. We do all of that. The only thing you need to do is get in touch with us and discuss your needs with our estimator. We will then provide the perfect solution for you.