The big difficulty with moving a safe is accounting for the weight and the size. Even the smallest ones can be rather heavy to ensure they provide the right level of security for the valuables stored inside them. As the size increases or the level of protection typically so too does the weight. In each case removing safes presents numerous challenges.

When manual safe removals are not possible, either because of the size and weight or the location, the right equipment needs to be used to support the item and move it safely. The lifting equipment and all components must be up to standard to maximise safety. Everything must be checked carefully prior to use, ensuring there is no wear that could become a hazard. We take care to do just that whenever we provide a service.

If the safe needs to be removed via a window it is absolutely crucial that the frame, the panes, and the wall around the opening are not damaged. To help with the latter we use ramps so the safe can slide safely out of the building when it is hoisted.

At TFM Removals we have the experience to move every kind of safe effectively. We have access to the lifting equipment as well as removal vehicles to relocate the safes once they are free from the property. With the latter it is again vital that the weight and size is taken into account to ensure the item can be transported safely.

Just like with our other services an estimator will take a look at the safe to provide a quote for the removal. This gives us the chance to plan the perfect method of getting it out of the building and transporting it. We will determine how many people are needed and what kind of equipment is required whilst we are with you before offering a clear price.

We are happy to take on all manner of safe removals, serving clients all over Essex and offering a fantastic level of service. If you would like advice or information about our credentials please feel free to contact us.