One of the trickiest aspects of moving to a new home is deciding how you will transport all of your large possessions, such as furnishings and vehicles. Cars can typically be driven to the new address, but this is not always appropriate, particularly when the distance is very long, there is nobody available to take on the driving, the vehicle isn’t road legal or it doesn’t even run. A suitable alternative can be found to transport the vehicles safely and effectively.

At TFM Removals we have extensive experience of transporting various cars and vehicles. Our purpose built vehicles have vehicle ramps that make loading and unloading extremely easy, even if the vehicle doesn’t run. The removal of a vehicle always presents some unique challenges, regardless of the age and value of the car, but we have the experience, skills and equipment to accomplish the move.

May 1 imageThe best thing about calling on us to handle this kind of removal is that we can transport your car alongside all of your other possessions. The vehicle can be moved in the same lorry as your furniture or inside a trailer on its own, coupled to the lorry transporting the other items you are taking with you. In both instances, all of the items will be loaded carefully and secured in place so they don’t move around during transit.

We provide removals in the Chelmsford area, across the UK and even around the world. We regularly provide services for clients across the local area, moving their home and vehicles within the UK or abroad. In the example seen here, we were working with a client who moved to Northern Ireland from Galleywood, Chelmsford, and who wanted a specialist they could rely on to transport all of their possessions, including their car.

When you choose us to take care of your removal you will receive a first rate service and can have complete confidence your possessions are in the best hands. We also provide suitable insurance to cover everything that we move.

Upon arrival at the end destination we will unload everything with even more care to ensure that none of the items have been damaged. We place the goods in your new home for you, ensuring they are positioned where you want them. Again we will work carefully and ensure we choose the best solution to tackle any access problems. If you would like to arrange a removals service please contact us for advice and to arrange an appointment with an estimator.