Whenever you move to a new property, whether it is only a short distance from your current address or many miles away, it is always important that you have the smoothest removal service possible. Moving can take a great deal of work and planning, and the one thing you want to ensure above all else is that your possessions will arrive safely. Having a reliable specialist to help you will provide the security you need.

At TFM we specialise in removals in Chelmsford and across the entire UK, providing a flexible service that can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Our main aim is to transport every single item in the safest possible manner, ensuring it arrives in the exact condition it left in. To this end we offer insurance on everything. Unlike many other companies, we don’t charge you for this coverage because we feel it is our responsibility to look after items.

We are equipped to handle all kinds of moves and will ensure we provide the right vehicle and enough manpower to do each job efficiently. We give our clients the option to decide exactly what service they want, whether it is a full packing and removal service for a whole property or just specific areas. Alternatively, if you prefer you can do the packing and we will do the loading, transporting and unloading for you.

To help determine the service you need, we dispatch a qualified estimator to visit your property. This gives them a chance to see the types of items you will be moving. Their experienced eye lets them get an accurate idea of the volume of goods you need to move and the type of service you will need. They will advise you about the services we can provide and offer a realistic quotation too. If you have any questions about the removal, the estimator will be able to answer them.

As a locally based specialist we always strive to offer a personal service, just as people would expect from a family run business. We can provide removals throughout Chelmsford and beyond, transporting your goods to a new address anywhere in the local area or even further afield if it is a big move.