There are a number of spaces in your home that can present major challenges when you come to move. Two of the most problematic areas are garages and cupboards under stairs because these are places where people typically store things before promptly forgetting about them. When they come to move, they find the task is much larger than they initially thought because all of the items they had forgotten either need to be thrown away or packed and transported to the new address.

Our service can offer many benefits in this situation. We differ from other companies because we send an estimator to your home when you contact us for a quote so we can make sure the pricing is as accurate as possible. During the visit the estimator will assess the possessions you need to move to calculate how many packing materials you will need, inspect access and determine which items will be more challenging to move. Ultimately this will give us a much better idea of your needs and help us to provide a suitable service at the right price.

When inspecting the contents of a property we will take all areas into account, including cupboards and garages. Our estimators have the experience to accurately calculate your packing needs and determine what it will take to get everything moved. If spaces are particularly well stocked, it will naturally be harder to get an accurate estimate, but we will always do our very best to do so and take extra precautions such as providing additional materials in case they are needed.

If you are moving house in Chelmsford or any other area of the UK, you can always expect a professional service from our highly experienced team. We can handle everything from start to finish, from packing to unloading at the new property. We even take care of moving difficult items like safes and hot tubs when it is required so you don’t need to make special arrangements. To arrange an appointment with an estimator or for free removal tips please contact TFM Removals today.