We are renowned for offering quality services for removals and storage in Chelmsford and throughout the surrounding regions, and are ready to take on even challenging or difficult jobs. as part of this, we are regularly asked to move large, delicate or specialist items, and our conscientious team always make sure to handle them with the utmost care. We have completed many successful removals involving difficult items, so you can rely on us for the help you need, no matter what you need to be moved.

One challenging job we completed recently was the moving of a grand piano, which was very special to the client. The customer was in the process of moving to a lock house in the middle of the River Thames, which posed a large challenge to our team. We knew that this task would require meticulous planning if we were to get the piano safely from the container where it had been stored and move it into the property. With our careful dismantling and reassembling, the piano was successfully transported into its new location and placed in a position that the customer was completely happy with. The piano remained in its original pristine condition thanks to our well maintained storage facility and skilful handling. We are proud to say that this particular customer has chosen our team to carry out no less than four moves, which is a testament to our reliability.

If you need removals and storage in Chelmsford, Basildon, and throughout the whole Essex region and beyond, make us your first choice. As we are able to handle challenging items, you will only need to use our service rather than getting in touch with specialist removal companies, making us a complete one stop solution. No matter what type of item you need to be moved, you can rest assured that we have the ability to take care of the work for you and will take excellent care of your important possessions.