Getting a safe out of a property is just the start of the disposal job. Once it is safely out it needs to be loaded onto or into a vehicle so it can be taken to be disposed of. For this to happen, the vehicle must be able to get as close to the property as possible. The further away it is the more work will be needed to complete the removal.

Naturally the trickiest jobs are those where vehicle access is limited or restricted. At TFM Removals we have to deal with this regularly when we are called on to dispose of safes. Fortunately we have a lot of experience and can find the perfect solution to any problem. That is why we are renowned as the leading provider of safe removal Essex based clients can call on.

Whilst planning the project we will check access carefully and see which entrance is the best to remove the safe from. In some cases it may be more efficient to remove it via an upper window where it can be lowered straight to a removal vehicle rather than transporting it to the front door and then needing to move it down the street.

In some cases roads need to be temporarily closed to accomplish a safe removal. We will arrange this with care, ensuring it occurs at a time that will cause the least amount of disruption to the general public. It is also beneficial to close the road in cases when there are safety concerns. By restricting access we can ensure the area below the safe will be clear at all times.

Over the years we have taken on safe removals in all kinds of settings, from busy town and city centres to rural areas. Whatever the access issues we will find a way to overcome them so we can get safes removed safely and efficiently.

We will arrange proper safe disposal once the unit is removed from the site. In each case we determine the best method of disposing of the item, either transporting it to be put to new use or ensuring it is properly broken down. We always take account of the environment and never use services that will result in any harm to it.