Packing items safely and securely is important with every single move, whether you are travelling a short distance or moving overseas to a new country. You should never assume that just because it is only a short trip that items will be safe. Any road can have bumps and potholes that could jostle items when driven over. If possessions are not properly packed they may be damaged as a result.

At TFM Removals we have the skills to pack all kinds of items before a big move. We can provide the packing materials ourselves, ensuring the right ones are used to maximise protection. Additionally we have the knowledge and experience to ensure every single item is protected, from small delicate sculptures and vases to larger furnishings.

Larger items tend to be the most likely to be left unpacked due to their size. Sadly failing to do this can leave them at risk of getting scuffed, scratched and dented. Everything from kitchen appliances to wardrobes can be wrapped in various materials, including card, plastic shrink wrap and covered in removal blankets to protect them. These materials also offer protection against the elements when the items are out in the open during loading and unloading.

Our team take care when packing but will complete the job in the timeliest manner. We will make sure enough people are on site to help with this as well as the loading, ensuring that delays are avoided. Efficiency is one of the things that have helped to establish us as a leader for removals.

We provide the same great level of service for all kinds of moves, including in the local area and overseas. Ireland is one destination we have provided several services to, catering for an array of needs in the process. Again we provide a full packing and removal service, taking care of everything for our clients.

If you want to work with a company with extensive experience of planning and completing removals to Ireland from Essex we are the perfect one for you. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.